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  • GE-5 Digital Microscope is a new digital microscope, which has applied for some national patents, for example:
    dynamic area viewing AOI-Active View technology (patent application number:200610113623.5/200610113625.4).
    The GE-5 can be directly connected with computer through the USB 2.0 interface. It can make observation,
    photography, video recording, measurement, storage and output printing of high-resolution images in any area of
    the image on the screen, and as a result, high-definition images could be shared by persons without visual fatigue.
    GE5 has various innovative functions, so it is the optimal upgraded selection for traditional industry microscope,
    stereomicroscope, biological microscope and video measurement systems, and can be applied extensively in
    many fields.     (
    1 Year Warranty)

  • Photographing and recording  functions, patent technology:  dynamic area viewing (AOI-ACTIVE VIEW)

  • Measurement function

  • USB2.0

  • Professional 1/2" industry grade 1.30M pixel CMOS  image sensor

  • Compatible with the operation systems of windows 2000, XP, VISTA and etc

Routine state

Can view extensively

Can view by hand holding

Can be connect with other 

microscope stands 

Various and Extensive Viewing Methods

Multiple optical magnifications:  60x and 180x. Professionally integrated, GE-5 can be applied extensively in many fields such as: electronic components, PCB circuit board, LED test, mobile phone repair, mould manufacturing, hardware spare parts, precision machinery, clock and watch spare parts, fake bill or certificate authentication, textile printing, jewel authentication, archaeology and  etc.

Remarkable High Definition Image Sensor

Having adopted the professional 1.3 million pixel 1/2” industry grade CMOS image sensor, the output image features super high signal to noise ratio, anti-distortion, high definition, no frame stagnancy, stable and smooth images, and meets professional standards with bright and clear images

Friendly and Intuitive Interface Program

This product utilizes USB 2.0 interface and can be connected directly to a computer without a power supply.

New Generation Product in IT Times

Can be connected directly with a computer or projection equipment. Multiple users can share the images and contents at the same time and avoid visual fatigue generated from utilizing the traditional microscope.

Convenient Function to Save Images
Comes with a complimentary professional software (Digital microscope GE-5). Capable of saving valuable microscopic images viewed to PC in a convenient way.

Instant Measurement

It can measure the points, beeline and diameter of a circle, or angle and arc of the image and conduct secondary editing, saving and printing, and meet the demand of customers for many kinds of product measurement.

Innovative Patent Technology

By utilizing the initial global innovative patent technology dynamic area viewing (AOI-Active View), partial magnification of the sample can be realized by circling the selected section on screen, and processed under the viewer simultaneously. This technology enhances users' concentration on processing the sample. Users can view the selected section at high speed while operating in real time under the viewer.

Recording Dynamic Microscopy Movie

The GE-5 has a recording function for using in multiple fields, and can record the dynamic process of the sample into a short microscopy movie.

Dynamic Depth of Field (3-Dimensional Viewing)

When viewing the 3-dimensional sample, it increases the 3-dimensional sense of the sample to the user, and the focus is automatic and continuous, and even more, the plane composition of multiple depth of fields can be realized.

Creating Professional Imaging by Utilizing Glass Lens

Professional imaging is created by utilizing a glass flat field optical lens, 6cm working distance and a super depth of field without deformation or aberration. Compared with other similar products, GE-5 is the only product that adopts the glass lens for extending the service life of the viewer of GE-5.

Flexible Operation and Convenient for Carrying

The structure of the viewer’s body is compact and flexible, and the ergonomic knob can easily adjust the work distance to meet different viewing demands. At the same time, the extendable digital head can be attached to different large stands for testing and inspecting different samples in diversified work conditions.

Precise Laser Locating

It can quickly and accurately locate the viewing points under the microscopic environment with laser locating technology.

Abundant Illumination

The equipment can provide a diversified lighting environment, including inner upper light source, outer upper light source, backlight source and side light source. Frequency spectrum ranges between 400 nm and 1000 nm, from ultraviolet light to infrared light, and the illumination intensity is controlled by grades, accommodating  various environment applications.


* Specifications : 

Product type


Name of product

Digital Microscope

Image sensor

Professional 1/2" industry grade 1.30M pixel CMOS  image sensor

Pixel size 

5.2 µm × 5.2 µm

Spectrum response

400 nm-1000nm


1 Lux

Scanning Type

Progressive Scanning (line by line)

Exposal Type

Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS)



Transmission Rate

16f/s @1280×1024 30f/s@640×480

White balance

Automatic / Manual Operations Supported

Exposal Control

Automatic / Manual Operations Supported

Image output

USB 2.0,480Mb/s

Power supply

USB 2.0 Power Supply, 800 mA

Dynamic range


Programmable Control

Sizes, quality, luminance, gain, exposal time, contrast, saturation, resolution and Gamma of image

Illumination control

Precise Laser locating, and the upper and lower LED illumination grade control

Work Temperature



60 X and 180X

== Order Information ==

#VM5010 : GE-5 Digital Microscope, set
                * including Accessories
                   #VM5000-11 : 3X Auxiliary Lens, 1 pcs
                   #VM5000-51 : Specimens, 1 pcs
                   #VM5000-21 : Stage, 1 pcs

       * Optional Accessories ;
           #VM5000-31 : Separate USB Cable, 1 pcs
           #VM5000-41 : USB LED light, 1 pcs
           #VM5000-61 : Lengthened Bar, 1 pcs